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ENGL3300 CAMP, CYNTHIA TR 2 :00 PM 0250


Course Title: Badass Women of the Twelfth Century

The twelfth century was a time of rapid historical and cultural change in the medieval world, and women were at the center of it. In this course, we’ll focus on three major events in the century – the Norman Conquest of England, the rise of the universities and scientific learning, and the Crusades – and the women who shaped and were shaped by them. We’ll read words written by queens, courtesans, and abbesses, and we’ll also look at the books made for and about them, spending extra time on the study of medieval manuscripts (handmade books). Throughout all this, we’ll think intently about the interplay of words, books, and power – and the conditions under which twelfth-century women can and can’t deploy all three. Importantly, this course takes a broad approach to about where counts as “medieval” (we’ll range from England and France to Andalusian Spain, Byzantium, and the Crusader State of Jerusalem), and we’ll set to rest some common misapprehensions about women, religion, and cultural interactions in the Middle Ages.

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