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ENGL3100 STEGER, SARA TR 12:30 PM 0139


This course is always a challenge to organize because where do we start?  Pre-Roman, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Beowulf, Chaucer, Malory, Shakespeare--so many other defensible starting points.  This term, rather than attempting a quasi-comprehensive snapshot of three thousand years' worth of history in the islands, we are going to tackle British and Irish culture, literature, and history both chronologically and thematically, and our primary themes will be those that are currently important discussions--both in the British Isles, the U. S. and around much of the world.  We shall tackle the themes as three interwoven issues:  national and cultural identity (what does it mean to be British or Irish (just as we currently discuss what it means to be American or any number of other national terms), religious matters (the subject of the relationship between humans and the divine, particularly in terms of its relation to those national memberships), and gender issues (particularly the role of women, since that has been a vital point of discussion for centuries, but has been writ large in headlines around the globe in the past several years). At times, my own interests and course plan will lead us, but at times, we shall have flexibility to allow your interests lead us so that, if something really interests you, we may make some detours. Among our detours will be visits here and there of visual arts, music, economics, and the like. The course will involve both lecture (primarily for context where history and introductions to literary movements are involved) and discussion.


The course will require a combination of exam, essay, and participation, with perhaps a group presentation.


Still evaluating texts, but they will likely include either specialized anthologies on each of the three larger themes or a broader set of general anthologies, festooned with online or downloadable text I provide so that you do not have to purchase additional books for a single reading or two.