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ENGL3800W NANCE, ANDREW M 2 :30 PM 0061


Our aim in this creative writing course is fundamentally two-fold: students will be both carefully considering previously published literature and, also, writing their own creative work. We will focus on fiction, poetry, and nonfiction and we will continually seek to strike a balance between methodical investigation and intuitive exploration of these broad and diverse genres. In this spirit, our reading list will be systematically idiosyncratic—though we will go as far back as Shakespeare's sonnets, most of our reading will come from the contemporary period. At the center of this course will be our sustained conversation about the “craft” of writing with regards to each of these genres in turn and, ultimately, across genre as well. Students can expect to read and write continuously throughout this course, both provide feedback to their peers' work and receive feedback on their own work, and ultimately produce a final portfolio of polished prose and poetry.