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Borderlands: Literature and Culture of the U.S./Mexico Border, Service-Learning

**This course has a service-learning requirement.**

In this course we will explore the literature, politics, and culture of the U.S./Mexico border.  We will examine how the policing and cultural mixing of our national borders complicates our individual and national identities.  In studying literature, essays, and films of this region, we will discuss the following issues:  identity, citizenship and assimilation, trafficking, politics and immigration post-9/11, and the clash of cultural, religious, and racial differences at the border.  Although the majority of our readings are by Chicano/a (Mexican American) writers, we will also examine texts by writers and filmmakers from a variety of racial and cultural backgrounds, including Native Americans living at the border.  We will pay particular attention to narratives that examine the role of writing, reading, and education in Chicano/a life.  To learn the power of reading and writing first hand, you will be required to participate in a local Athens tutoring program for Chicano/a students.  Possible authors include Gloria Anzaldúa, Sandra Cisneros, Tomás Rivera, Alejandro Morales, Ofelia Zepeda and others.  Possible films include Steven Soderbergh's Traffic, Rachel Nez's The Border Crossed Us, and Lourdes Portillo's Señorita Extraviada.


Four Short Critical Papers (3 pages in length):  40%

Weekly Participation in a Tutoring Program:  10%

Tutoring Reflection Journal Entries:  20%

Final Exam:  30%