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In this course we will engage in a leisurely and thorough examination of Jane Austen’s published and unpublished work. In addition to the novels most readers are familiar with (Northanger Abbey, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, and Persuasion) we will also read Austen’s juvenilia. In order to better understand the genesis of her fiction, we'll begin by reading three of her predecessors and literary influences: Mary Hays, Charlotte Smith and Ann Radcliffe. We will end the semester by considering Austen's status as a modern icon and discussing (as time allows) film adaptations, fan fiction, mashups, prequels, sequels, and adaptive fiction, but the majority of our time will be spent discussing the novels and their critical reception.


Two semester exams, two short essays, one long essay, a final examination and frequent in-class writing assignments.


Three unexcused absence prior to midpoint will result in your being dropped from the roll. Over the course of the semester, more than four unexcused absences will negatively impact your final grade. Late arrivals will also be noted; please come to class on time.


Jane Austen, Emma (Norton Critical, ISBN 9780393972849)
---. Mansfield Park (Norton Critical, ISBN 9780393967913)
---. Northanger Abbey (Norton Critical, ISBN 978-0393978506)
---. Persuasion (Norton Critical, ISBN 9780393960181)
---. Pride and Prejudice (Norton Critical, ISBN 9780393976045)
--. Sanditon and Other Stories (Knopf/Everyman's Library, ISBN 9780679447191)
---. Sense and Sensibility (Norton Critical, ISBN 9780393977516)
Mary Hays, Memoirs of Emma Courtney (Oxford UP, 978-0199555406)
Ann Radcilffe, The Italian (Oxford UP, ISBN 9780199537402)
Charlotte Smith, Emmeline (Broadview, ISBN 9781551113593)