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This course aims to understand and practice the conventions of scholarship in English Studies. The primary goal of the course is to provide for enrolled students an initiation into the academic dialogue engaged by scholars of English. To this end, we will study the major academic journals in which scholars publish in order to discover the conventions of the on-going conversation in our discipline(s). Further, we will--in a workshop atmosphere--join this scholarly conversation by producing academic papers about some aspect of English Studies, whether it be literary criticism or rhetorical analyses, for example.  Those students planning to attend graduate school will also find additional assignments, such as writing a “statement of intent,” to be useful.


In addition to a handful of smaller assignments, the three main writing assignments are:

1. A research-based paper (~20 pages) that aims to join the academic dialogue.

2. A "statement of intent" for possible use in graduate school applications.

3. A "reader's report" that evaluates the paper of one of your peers.


As this course is designed as a workshop, it is imperative that you come to class prepared to work with drafts in hand.  If you are absent more than three times, it will be impossible for you to receive a grade higher than a D, regardless of the letter grades eventually earned on your assignments. es, or newspapers.


Statement of intent     10%
Research paper:      60%
Reader's reports:      10%
Research activities/brief writing assignments 20%


Gerald Graff & Cathy Birkenstein’s They Say / I Say (2nd edition)
MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers (7th edition)