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According to David Foster Wallace, for authors born after 1950’s, “TV's as much a part of reality as Toyotas and gridlock. We literally cannot imagine life without it. We're not different from our fathers in that television presents and defines our contemporary world. Where we are different is that we have no memory of a world without such electric definition."  

In this class, we’ll explore elements of creative writing in electric definition. Over the course of the semester, the class will read and write works that reflect a growing awareness and the increasing presence of technology and media. Students will have the chance to read and compose

1) works that highlight the substances of writing (language and experience) as mediation, as technology 

2) texts that anticipate the influence of electric and digital media

3) texts saturated with media and technology 

4) intermedia texts that show the influence of visual and digital media in their presentation and structure

5) hypermedia works that are clearly beyond text 


drafts of creative work for workshop

final portfolio

reading responses

discussion leader handout


50% Participation (regular in-class participation, writing assignments, presentations, attendance @ readings, critiques for peers, effort, thought, readiness, energy, dedication, etc.)

50% Final Portfolio


Attendance: I expect you to attend and engage in every class meeting.  Your dedication to class is critical for your writing and for the writing of your peers.  We are a team.  Writing requires collaboration, thoughtful insight, practice, and time to develop and mature.  If you do miss class, be sure to consult a peer to see what you missed and make-up any work.  If you miss more than three classes, you will be withdrawn.   

Participation: Be prepared to share your words and thoughts, ask questions, get involved, think, shout, and cry (joyfully, that is).  Participation also includes preparation for class, completing assignments in a timely fashion, attending readings, writing thoughtful critiques, and investing yourself in your work, this class, and your peers.  Here, you will not be a content consumer.  Passivity is not acceptable.  Engagement and collaboration are essential to a successful workshop and writing experience.  


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