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Nineteenth-Century Poetry, Anthologized

Anthologies play a crucial role in shaping literary history; they decide “what counts,” what should be read, what kinds of things should be read, what genres and authors matter, and which ones don’t. In this course, we will approach the topics of 19th-century poetry and anthologies from a number of different angles.  We will consider the ways the Victorians anthologized both Romantic-era poetry and Victorian-era poetry, by examining a number of 19th-century anthologies, many in original editions. We will also think about the way 19th-century poetry was anthologized in the 20th century, during the rise of New Criticism, as well as the way 19th-century poetry appears in our own contemporary classroom anthologies. Anthologies have a profound effect on how we study literature, and in this class we’ll think carefully and deeply about how our understanding of 19th-century poetry—and of literature more broadly—has been shaped by anthologies.