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In this class, we’ll investigate writing as a process, dialogue, and artifact. Class meetings will consist of Investigations and Studio Sessions. During Investigations, the class will discuss the following topics: histories, theories, practices, forms, design, and the future of composition. During Studio Sessions, students will actively engage in writing and writing process activities, including brainstorming, drafting, peer review, revising, editing, and reflecting.

Students in this course can expect to learn about the field of composition, general composition principles, and context-specific conventions; practice writing regularly; work collaboratively with peers; develop writing and editing skills; and use reflection to gain insight into their writing, thinking, and learning processes. 


The course will involve three main projects:

For the first project, students will conduct a discourse annotation and analysis. This will enable them to study a form of writing specific to their academic major or career interest.

The second project will involve a research-based essay. Students will select the disciplinary context for their paper, an appropriate form, and the topic.

For the final project, the class will work together to produce an essay collection for which students will each be responsible for supplying an essay. These essays will be revised versions of the research-based essays submitted for the second project. In addition to preparing  manuscripts for publication, an activity designed to engage students in intentional revision and help them hone their editing skills, students will also work in teams to handle the development, design, and delivery of the collection. Overall, this final pro­­ject offers students the chance to work on a larger composition and consider discourse conventions, document design, and the writing process in the context of collaborative, project-based learning.