Course Instructor Days Times Room
ENGL3590W STEGER, SARA MWF 10:10 AM 0259


ENGL 3590W provides students opportunities to practice technical and professional writing. This course will particularly focus on visual and digital rhetoric. We will spend some time reading about and discussing the conventions, rhetorical situations, and design considerations for composing in different media and contexts. Students will then have opportunities to develop their communication skills by creating texts in a variety of forms.  

  • Definition (10%)
  • Infographic (10%)
  • Procedures/Instructions (10%)
  • FAQ (10%)
  • Proposal (20%)
  • Presentations (10%)
  • Professional Website/CV (20%)
  • Participation/Classwork (10%)

Markel, Mike.  Practical Strategies for Technical Communication.  2nd Edition -- ISBN: 9781319003364

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