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This course will explore the concept of community, both within the classroom (i.e., a community of peers concerned with providing critique and support for each others' work), and without through exploring the various communities in which we participate and the role of written communication in the development and maintenance of those communities.


Key questions this course will engage with include:

  • How is community identity formed and maintained and how does writing figure into that process?
  • How do technology and media affect the concept of community and community writing practices?
  • How is globalization impacting the concept of the local?
  • How can writers contribute to their communities in productive ways?


Writing projects will include a variety of short sketches, an analysis of a local publication, a service-learning project*, and a group presentation.

*NOTE: Community partner(s) and project(s) for fall TBD.  But, FYI, Spring 2017's project was the "Traditions Highway" project with the Archway Partnership, writing articles for publication in a magazine devoted to promoting travel along State Highway 15 through six rural Georgia communities.


Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Develop writing, research, and rhetorical skills with a focus on writing about, for, and with various communities
  • Apply rhetorical knowledge by analyzing texts published by, for, and about specific communities
  • Practice writing in a variety of genres that may include personal narrative, ethnography, research reports, profiles, articles, professional correspondence, multimedia texts, etc.
  • Create texts using processes that include discovering ideas and evidence, organizing that material, and revising, editing, and polishing the finished product
  • Develop the ability to constructively critique the work of others by providing feedback in peer review and workshop sessions
  • Work with community partners on written texts that will serve their needs
  • Develop metacognitive skills by doing critical analysis of work done in the course and experiences with community partners

This is a portfolio course, so our goal is to create a body of work that demonstrates learning and growth over the course of the term.