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ENGL4500 LEGETTE, CASIE TR 11:00 AM 0250


In this course, we will read the major works of the English Romantic Period (1785-1832). This period in English history was a time of immense upheaval. The poems, novels, and essays which we will read in this class struggle to address the changes England was undergoing, thanks to the American and French Revolutions, the Industrial Revolution, the continuing expansion of the British empire, debates over the abolition of slavery, and a twenty-year long war with France. These cultural and political revolutions were matched by significant changes in literature. The Romantic Period saw a whole new kind of poetry, as well as the rise of the novel, a genre which emerged only a few decades before. We will read texts by Wordsworth, Coleridge, Godwin, Wollstonecraft, Blake, Byron, Keats, the Shelleys, Austen, and more. This course will introduce students to a range of genres, furthering their close reading skills in poetry, essays, and the novel.