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ENGL 4210/6210 Old English Literature is a follow-up course to the Fall Semester ENGL/LING 4060/6060 Old English course.  In this course the emphasis is not on grammar per se but on translation of original Old English prose and poetic texts and discussion of their literary merits.

Early in the semester, students will choose a poem or prose work and begin outside reading and research on topics relevant to the work, preparing to write a research paper in consultation with the instructor and with feedback from the class as appropriate.

Every couple weeks, a 1-page written report on research progress will contribute a small component of the course grade.  Translation homework an/or in-class translation exercises will contribute another grade component.  

The final essay exam will be individualized for each student according to their choice of OE texts and the associated research topic.



  • Peterborough Chronicle, annal 1086: The Death of William the Conqueror
  • Peterborough Chronicle annal 1100: The Death of William II
  • Peterborough Chronicle annal 1135: The Death of King Stephen
  • Peterborough Chronicle annal 1154: Accession of Henry II
  • Bede's Ecclesiastical History:  A Description of Britain
  • Bede, The Anglo-Saxon Migration
  • Bede: The Poet Cædmon
  • Peterborough Chronicle annal 755: Cynewulf & Cyneheard
  • King Alfred: On the Tools of Learning
  • King Alfred: On the Three Estates
  • King Alfred: Preface to the Cura Pastoralis.  
  • Poem: "Maxims II”
  • Poem: “The Battle of Brunanburh”
  • Poem: "The Battle of Maldon”
  • Poem: "“The Dream of the Rood”
  • Poem: “The Wanderer”
  • Poem: "The Seafarer”
  • Poem: "The Ruin”


See above: interim written reports, translation exercises, final essay examination, research paper.



90-100 = A

80-90 = B

70-80 = C



Come to class; we'll miss you if you don't.



  • Evans, Jonathan. “Advanced Readings.” In An Introduction to Old English (required).
  • Whitelock, Dorthy, ed. Sweet’s Anglo-Saxon Reader in Prose and Verse.  ISBN 9780198111696 (required)
  • Hall, John R. Clark. A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary. ISBN 0802065481 (supplementary).


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