Course Instructor Days Times Room
ENGL3010 HENKEN, ELISSA TR 12:30 PM 0269


Folklore, an integral part of daily life, provides means for understanding and coping with the world.   Learn about the different genres of folklore and explore how it functions:  rules we live by (“Nose goes; “ “Finders keepers, losers weepers”); communal wisdom and advice (“Absence makes the heart grow fonder;” “Dicks before chicks”); warnings (stories about Kentucky fried rats or about Slender Man);  binding communities together (ringing the Chapel bell, not walking under the Arch); the joke told to ease tensions and the joke told to offend; the food eaten for comfort and the food eaten in celebration.  Students will learn to collect and analyze a wide range of folklore that arises during the semester in the lives of the students and in the broader community.