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ENGL4290 CAMP, CYNTHIA TR 3 :30 PM 0136

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Medieval Hybridity
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When you think "medieval," do you think soaring cathedrals and stately castles, or stone gargoyles and grotesques frolicking in page margins? In this class, we'll focus on the latter: the aesthetic of the hybrid, the monstrous, and the grotesque that much medieval literature sets in opposition to -- or does it? -- ideals of unity, cohesion, and singularity. We will read imaginative narrative literature from a number of popular medieval genres (romances, travel narratives, saints' lives), examine medieval manuscripts that depict far-fetched hybrid creatures, and consider the functions of hybridity in medieval literature. Texts will range from Marie de France's Lais to Sir Gawain and the Green Knight to the Luttrell Psalter.

Expect to learn to read Middle English well (we'll dedicate plenty of class time to that task), to consider the nuances of medieval genres, to become familiar with medieval manuscripts, and to analyze and critique secondary literature (again, we'll practice in class). Assessment will include short weekly writes, worksheet assignments, short essays, and a final portfolio of revised work. Language instruction will begin on the first day of class. A strict but not draconian attendance policy will be in place.

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