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In this course we will engage in a leisurely and thorough examination of Jane Austen’s published and unpublished work. In addition to the novels most readers are familiar with (Northanger AbbeySense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, and Persuasion) we will also read Austen’s juvenilia. Along the way, we’ll be reading quite a bit of literary criticism, much of which can be found in the Norton Critical editions that I’ve asked you to purchase. After we read Pride and Prejudice, we’ll be looking closely at that novel’s critical and popular success, so we’ll be reading contemporary novels written in response to Austen's most famous text, including Longbourn (2013). The class will also break into "book clubs" to discuss one of the most recent adaptations, choosing between several novels, including Pride: A Pride and Prejudice Remix (2018) and Unmarriageable: Pride and Prejudice in Pakistan (2019). Throughout the semester, we’ll be looking at Jane Austen’s presence in popular culture, focusing on fan fiction, but also looking at Austen inspired illustration, art, and crafts.


Semester Exam (15%)

Three 5-page Essays (45%)

Three Part Austen Canon Project (30%)

In-Class Writing Assignments (10%)


Three unexcused absences prior to midpoint will result in your being dropped from the roll. Over the course of the semester, more than four unexcused absences will negatively impact your final grade. Late arrivals will also be noted; please come to class on time.


You must buy THESE editions of the novels. I know that there are many free Austen Ebooks out there but you really must purchase the editions that I’ve listed below in order to keep up in class. I require you to purchase the specific books listed below because I will be drawing heavily from the criticism published in these editions ; if you do not have these books, you will have to acquire the excerpted essays in some other, invariably more difficult, way.

  • Norton has been releasing new versions of their critical editions so please use the ISBN numbers below when purchasing your books. 
  • Jane Austen’s Manuscript Works (Broadview ePub), Longbourn, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Graphic Novel, and Pride are available as eBooks.
  • All of the books will be available at the bookstore, although you may find it less expensive to buy some of your books used over the internet. I often order from, and recommend it highly. For example, you can get a copy of Longbourn for about $4 and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Graphic Novel for $4. You must, however, make sure that you get the most recent editions so double check those ISBN numbers.

Jane Austen, Emma (Norton Critical, ISBN: 978-0-393-92764-1) [4th Edition]

—. Mansfield Park (Norton Critical, ISBN 978-0-393-96791-3)

—. Manuscript Works (Broadview, ISBN 978-155-481058-1) 

—. Northanger Abbey (Norton Critical, ISBN 978-0-393-97850-6

—. Persuasion (Norton Critical, ISBN 978-0-393-91153-4) [2nd Edition]

—. Pride and Prejudice (Norton Critical, ISBN 978-0-393-26488-3) [4th Edition]

—. Sense and Sensibility (Norton Critical, ISBN 978-0-393-97751-6

Jo Baker, Longbourn (Random House, ISBN 978-034-580697-0)

Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: the Graphic Novel (Del Rey, ISBN 978-0345520685)

Ibi Zoboi, Pride (Balzer + Bray, ISBN 978-0062564047)