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In this experiential  learning, workshop style course, you will have an opportunity to develop editorial skills--reading and critiquing texts, communicating with authors and editors, working collaboratively within groups, using new digital technologies--and to stay abreast of current trends in editing and publishing by working on specific projects that may be published by entities on and around campus. Examples of such projects are developing podcasts about new books and authors for UGA Press, writing and revising new stories for the online New Georgia Encyclopedia, and assisting with design and writing tasks for a local or campus literary magazine. You should think about enrolling if you are interested in a future that involves writing creatively and critically and working with publishers to make visible your work; becoming a member of and working in some capacity on a book, journal, or magazine team; and staying abreast of ways in which you can use digital and visual technologies in conjunction with text to write stories and present information.  I will evaluated your work on the basis of a portfolio of projects you will complete, both individually and collectively. The portfolio will include:

1) A blog in which you as an individual will develop an expertise about one issue or trend that affects academic or commercial publishers or authors, and on which you will post a minimum of five essays during the semester.  We will establish, together as a class, style, length, and content guidelines for you to follow and that will form the basis of my evaluation of your work, and at the end of the semester, you will present a multimedia report to the class about your topic. You will submit 2-3 of the best of your blogs in your final portfolio. 

2) One or two professional assignments for the UGA Press, New Georgia Encyclopedia, or other campus or community entity that you will complete in small teams of two.  Again, working in conjunction with the staff of these entities and together as a class, we will establish style and content guidelines for you to follow and that will form the basis of  my evaluation of your work.  On conclusion of your assignment, you will compose a 2-3 pp. short essay describing what you learned about the editorial process and evaluating the effectiveness of the assignment in enabling you to explore new skills. .

3) A longer capstone essay that you will write individually based on your study of a literary journal, magazine, or other periodical over time.  You will select the journal to discuss, and working together as a class, we will establish the parameters of this essay (such as type of journals, number of issues studied, and focus of study: content, design, marketing, audience reception).  We will precede this assignment by examining archival journals in UGA's Special Collections Library. I will work with you individually to help you craft a capstone essay that responds to your particular interests in editing, and/or publishing.

Please note: This class will meet in the dynamic DigiLab on the third floor of UGA's Main Library, not in Park Hall.