Course Instructor Days Times Room
ENGL3800W KASHYAP, ARUNI R 11:00 AM 0061


Aruni Kashyap's section of ENGL 3800, CRN 40780, Thursdays at 11 a.m.

Course description : Introduction to Creative Writing 

In this course, you will experiment with three creative genres—poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction—as a means of developing different imaginative approaches to experience. The emphasis will be on generating a lot of raw material, and advancing a chunk of this work toward completion. During the semester, we will discuss a set of craft elements and you will be expected to apply those craft elements in your own writing and also while critiquing the work of your peers. In short, this course will teach you the basic techniques of the three genres, how to apply those in your own writing and how to look at literature from the practitioner's point of view.