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ENGL4780 WILSON, IZOLA TR 12:30 PM 0145

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Native Adventures in the 20th Century American Novel

Native Adventures in the 20th Century American Novel

In this course we will consider how Native authors test the limits of genre to create an indigenous version of the “American novel.” Students will consider what it means to be a Native, American, and an Indigenous novelist.  We will read novels through the lens of transgenres in order to consider the permeable borders, crossings, and methods of resistance Native/Indigenous authors employ in order to intervene in the dominate colonial imaginings about American Indians and tribal stories.  This course is reading and writing intensive and highly interactive -- meaning it is driven by student inquiry.  


Reading and writing intensive on the novels and literatures we read. 


Sacred Wilderness -- Susan Power –

LaRose: A Novel – Louise Erdrich

Flight – Sherman Alexie

Gardens in the Dunes – Leslie Silko

The Lesser Blessed: 20th Century Anniversary Special Edition (paperback) – Richard van Camp

The Truth About Stories – Thomas King


Everything You Know About Indians in Wrong (paperback) - Paul Chat Smith