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ENGL4876 GATRELL, SIMON TR 11:00 AM 0269


It’s time for Harry Potter, for one last time! In this class we will talk about the seven novels, the eight (or nine or even ten) films and the play, as well as one or two of the influential books that Rowling read when she was young, You will be sorted into houses, and the houses will compete against each other at daily quizzes on the texts, wizarding skills, finding horcruxes, and a tri-wizard tournament. Each success will bring house points, and the house with the highest number of points at the end of the semester will receive a substantial reward, to be announced at the May (not Yule) ball – at which other individual prizes will also be distributed.


Daily quizzes (25%); intermittently assigned house and individual tests of imaginative writing and other skills (25%); final exam (in line with OWLs and NEWTs) 50%


J K Rowling: the Harry Potter novels and the play script of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Elizabeth Goudge: The Little White Horse

Enid Blyton: First Term at Malory Towers (to be distributed)

Susan Cooper: The Dark is Rising

Jill Murphy: The Worst Witch