Course Instructor Days Times Room
ENGL4296 HENKEN, ELISSA TR 12:30 PM 0269


Literature of Medieval Wales
In this introduction to the literature of medieval Wales (c. 500 to c. 1500 CE), we will read the earliest Arthurian texts and trace the development of the character Arthur from the first 6th-century reference to 14th-century romances.  We will read (in translation) tales about Pwyll proving his friendship by changing places with the king of the Otherworld, Rhiannon coming from the Otherworld to seek her chosen bridegroom, Blodeuwedd created from flowers for the sake of a man cursed never to have human wife, and the giant Ysbaddaden condemned to die when his daughter would marry; poems of praise and of grief; legends of saints and redeemer heroes; and many other genres in verse and prose.


This course counts as Group I in the English department curriculum and counts towards BISP and Medieval Studies certificates.