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This course is an introduction to the study and practice of narrative within digital environments. Students will work independently and collaboratively to analyze and create digital stories. At the end of the semester, students will participate in a Digital Story Showcase to share their work with a public audience. In order to gain an understanding of narrative form’s co-evolution with technology and media, we will study the history of narrative form (from oral performance to print publication to digital platforms) and read critical technology and media theory from such authors as Marshall McLuhan, N. Katherine Hayles, Janet Murray, and Walter Benjamin, among others). We will analyze experimental narrative in both print and digital media and study multimodal rhetoric and compositional theory. We will put all this into practice by creating digital narratives in different platforms and applications and present this work in an end-of-semester showcase.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the historical perspectives on and theories relevant to narrative and storytelling
  • Understand the role of digital technologies in shaping and conveying narratives
  • Apply this foundational knowledge to analyzing digital texts
  • Evaluate and work with digital tools and authoring platforms
  • Design and develop digital stories to be shared with a public audience
  • Develop their abilities to work independently and collaboratively, contribute to discussions in class and online, communicate effectively, and think critically and creatively