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This semester we will study contemporary American memoirs and autobiographical writings of the twentieth- and twenty-first centuries.  Graded assignments will consist of two essays and a cumulative, in-class final exam focusd on your identification of figures of speecch and theoretcal concepts in examples from the texts we have read this semester.  I also am planning visits by two guest speakers who are descended from early African American memoirists and who have conducted research on their literary and cultural contributions: Regina E. Mason (William Grimes) and Peggy Preaceley (William and Ellen Craft).  Their presentations are included in a series  of literary events being planned around discussions of Claudia Rankine's book-length lyric poem Citiizen, which will culminate in a staged reading based on the book in March 2019.  

This is the list of books I anticipate discussing with the class:

Ordinary Ligth by Tracy K. Smith

Between the World and Me by TaNehisi Coates

Citizen by Claudia Rankine

Air Traffic by Gregory Pardlo

Educated by Tracy Westover

The Latin Deli by Judith Ortiz Cofer