Course Instructor Days Times Room
ENGL4865 PAYTON, JASON TR 3 :30 PM 0259

Topics Title
Rogue Novels

This class will study representations of cultural outsiders in the pre-1900 novel. We will explore the literature of the criminal underclass through readings from the Spanish picaresque and the English rogue traditions, asking what these outsiders teach us about law, order, and the cultural meanings of deviance. We will also explore the traditions of the shipwreck and castaway novel, asking how what these outsiders teach us about the experience of isolation and the need for community. 


The major assignments will be two six-page papers demonstrating advanced research and close-reading ability. Regular reading quizzes will also be assigned. 


Regular reading quizzes, two six-page papers. Attendance and participation will constitute a significant portion of the course grade. 


Final grade distribution TBD. 


Daily attendance is required; stipulations regarding absences and their effects on the course participation grade will be included in the syllabus. 


Readings will include:

Cervantes, Don Quixote (in English translation)

Defoe, Captain SingletonMoll Flanders

Smollett, The Adventures of Roderick Random

Swift, Gulliver's Travels

Winkfield, The Female American