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ENGL4331 TEAGUE, FRANCES T 5 :00 PM 0400


Fran Teague

            On the first day of class, students will select 6-7 Shakespeare plays.

In a two-week period, we will study the play itself, a film version of that play, and a second film that is relevant to the film in some way. For example, we may choose to do Hamlet, so we’d go through that play picking out key ideas and scenes. Then we might examine Olivier’s 1948 Hamlet, investigating its use of black and white or the influence of Expressionism. Finally, we’d probably watch Branagh’s cult flick, A Midwinter’s Tale, as an expression of the cultural power (or lack of power) that the play has. 
            I ask students to attend a screening (Tu 5 pm), but I realize that no everyone’s schedule is flexible. Students will also have the option of viewing films via download or through the library's media center.

Principal Course Assignments:
Students will read 6-7 plays, watch 12-14 films, and write.  They write a lot.

Specific Course Requirements:
Students will do a series of low-stakes response papers, write about 15 pp. of formal essays, and take both midterm and final exams.

Grading Policy:
My grading policy is simple:  I grade rigorously because I want you to become a better thinker and writer.

Required Course Material:
A good edition of Shakespeare. 

Attendance Policy:
You're adults.  Come to class.  If you skip class, you fail the midterm and final.

This course is offered as ENGL 4331, THEA 4800/6800, and FILM 5481